ELS Final Lostallo

Last weekend the Final Race of the ELS Series was held at the Beautiful Track in Lostallo!

The practice starts already at Thursday and our Drivers find a very good set up for the Duox.
On Saturday the qualification starts, and Dario Veseli had a good start. Sven Rodewald had some technical issues during the qualy.
Gianmarco Martelli was also on a good pace!

After the qualy, Dario set P3, Gianmarco P6 , and Sven Rodewald P13.
So Dario and Gianmarco are directly into the A-Main!
Sven Rodewald and Daniel Wicki started in the B-Main and both was able to put their MCD Duox cars into the Main Final!

The Main Final Starts and all had a good start. Between the first place to the 5. Place there was a very nice and close race! Unfortnately Dario and one other driver had a miss understanding and this puts Dario couple of seconds away from the Top group. But Dario didnít let them all go and he pushed until the last lap and he was able to secure the 2nd place, 2 sec. Behind the first Place!

Daniel Wicki takes the 5. Place, Sven Rodewald 7. Place and Gianmarco Martelli 12. Place after technical issues!

In The Sport class it was Christof Sbielut who was able to put his MCD Duox into the Main Final and ended up in P10!

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