2023 Triple European Championship Title

2023, MCD Racing taking 3x European Champion title in the Touringcar class with Dario Veseli and the MCD Duox, in the 4WD class with Sven Rodewald and the MCD RR5 MAX Ultimate also in the Short-Course class with Matthew Stokes with the W5 MAX Shortcourse Ultimate!

Lets start with the Touringcar Euros.

At the start of the week, the MCD Team work very hard to find the right set up and it was not easy during the changing weather conditions! But in the qualifications, Dario found the speed and  managed to be on the 2. Place and this means, he is directly qualified in the main final!
In the quarter finals, Gianmarco Martelli and Sven Rodewald managed to bump up in to the semi finals.
The weather forecast was not good for the semi finals and the team had to prepare the cars for rain conditions. The first semi final starts and Gianmarco was unfornatley not able to bump up in to the main final.
Sven Rodewald start in the second semi final and until the last 3 mins Sven was on the bump up spot but then a lapped driver crash and he loose his bump up spot.
So now in the Main final we had 2 MCD Duox Cars with Dario Veseli and Carsten Keller.
Before the main final starts, the rain stopped. So it was gambling which tyre we should use! But Dario make the right choice and he managed after 28 min the second place! During the last 2 minutes, the leader makes a mistake and now it was time for Dario to keep the head cool and driving to the finish line! And he did! The MCD Duox and Dario Veseli are European champion!
Carsten Keller takes the 4. Place! Congratulations!

1 week later the Off-Road Euros starting in Starec/Czech Republic.
Also here the weather forecast was not the best, every day changing track condition makes it harder to find the right set up.
During the first days the officials decide to finished the race on Friday because the weather forecast on Saturday was very bad. In this case, we was able to drive just 2 Qualis and they went quite good for Sven with a P6 and for Mael Beaucher with a P7.
Semi Final B for Sven.
After 20 Minutes Sven takes P3 and he start P6 in main final.
In the Semi Final A it was very hard! Mael finished on the 2. Place Dario and Pekko had some bad luck and did not bump up in the main final.

In the Shortcourse Class the main final went good for Matthew Stokes. He Start from 1. Position and finishes at 1!
Marc Kreisig who start on P2 in the main final SC, had some electrical issues and it take too much time to repair.
In the end its a P8 for Marc! Fabian Morat take the 2nd Place! Congratulations!

Onto the 4WD Main final.

Sven starting from the 6. Position and during the race, the front runners made some mistakes and Sven was driving without any mistake and take after 20mins the lead of the final! So 10mins to go! Sven was still driving very consistent and also under pressure from the cars behind, he manage all the things. Last lap and its seems like he will win the race! And it is done! Sven Rodewald is the new European Champion with the MCD RR5 MAX Ultimate!

2023, we achived the Touringcar European championship with Dario Veseli, the 4WD Off-Road European Championship with Sven Rodewald and the 4WD SC European Championship with Matthew Stokes!

Congratulations to all MCD drivers and thanks for trust in our Products!

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