The German Nationals Winners 2021
The MCD Drivers

MCD Team drivers Sven Rodewald and Björn Fetting won the 4WD large scale races in their categories. The races were organised in Bochum by the RCOW Club on the 26th of September. With the results Rodewald grabbed his 4th consecutive 4WD Buggy category German Champion Title and Fetting his 3rd consecutive championship in the Short Course category.

As reported by our team driver Rodewald: “the event was just perfectly organized! Big Respect to the crew from the RCOW. During the weekend the MCD RR5 was just flawless on the track and fast like a rocket!”

We would like to congratulate all our drivers and appreciate their fantastic effort!

4WD Buggy Class Result:
1- Sven Rodewald 
2- Tobias Westhoff 
3- Frank Hayler

4WD Short Course Class Result:
1- Björn Fetting
2- Rene Schmacks 
3- Björn Bleyer

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