Micro Stud Tyres are Available in 160mm
Micro Stud Tyres

Micro Stud has been one of our popular tyres since its release because of  its performance on loose gravel and dirt surfaces. After a development period the Micro Stud is now available in 160mm diameter. The new 160mm diameter offers a low center of gravity which can eliminate traction roll in some circumstances. 

The outer sidewall thickness on the 160mm is greater compared to inner sidewall thickness which helps maintain more resisting power for rough gravel surfaces. This also helps more cornering traction on gravel and dusty tarmac surfaces.

The new Micro Stud 160mm is now available for both Buggy and Rally cars with soft and medium hardness levels.


The order codes:

100265R 160 mm Micro Stud B Soft
100265X 160 mm Micro Stud B Soft + Wheel
100266R 160 mm Micro Stud B Medium
100266X 160 mm Micro Stud B Medium + Wheel

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