X-Snap Instructions
X-Snap Gear

The gear is  suitable for our on-road and off-road cars. The correct gear ratio selection must be made in order to use the gearbox. We recommend the ratios for the off-road first gear: 9,14 and for the second gear: 7,62. For the on-road first gear:7,62 and the second gear:6,44. 
The X-Snap gearbox consists of 3 total order packs. First is the Transmission Kit (the main pack), the second is the gear pack which consists on-road and off-road sets. The third pack is the clutch bell pack where you choose either the standard or the Pro-Bite Clutch bell. To order a full set of gearbox the second and the third packs should be decided accordingly. 

Please click to download [support.pdf].

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