Report by Stu Wood, UK:

The UK BRCA LSOR Round 5 was held on the 16th and 17th of July 2016 at the great facility at MMR Raceway.
The weather was dry during the weekend. The track is a high grip astro turf and very bumpy. Round 1 went to Stu Wood with 23 laps in 10 minutes 3 seconds. Jack Keatley was second and Chris Sutcliffe 3rd and Leon Satchell 4th so it was a lock out for MCD. Round 2 went again to Stu Wood but as he was stuck behind a slower driver for half of the race his time was 24 laps in 10 minutes 4 seconds. Jack was second and Chris was 4 th. Round 3 Stu had a great start and went even faster with 25 laps in 10 minutes and 24 seconds.
Stu was really happy with this run and felt that his MCD Astro-Grip Medium tyres had just bedded in and working brilliantly. The A Main is 30 minutes long and Stu set off really well and a clean start. 59 laps into the race he made his first mistake of the whole weekend and had a breakage on a rear shock. He tried to limp round but after 3 laps he pulled it off which then gave the lead to his team mate Jack which went on to win his first UK National event. Well done Jack. Stevo also made some great laps and from 6th he made it to 2nd Ayaz to 5th and Chris to 6th . Leon crashed out early and ended up 9th .

A summery of the weekend was that the MMR team held a brilliant meeting and Darren Worth from the BRCA ran the event without a hitch. Thank you very much guys from ALL the drivers who took part.
It was very good to watch Stu Wood from MCD/King Cobra/Rossmod in his second only race he has taken part in on LSOR.

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