Micro Stud Tires Improved
Micro Stud V2

Our proven Micro Stud Tires has been battling on the tracks successfully since 2014 winning many races. We took the design even forward by strengthening the tire where needed. We applied our experiences we gathered from the tracks. We observed that high traction tracks cause wearing and tearing on the lateral walls on extreme performance driving situations. Additional strengthening features applied both on the interior lateral and interior base surfaces of the tire to enhance its durability. The changes that were applied on the interior base also prevents foam movement therefore it is possible to use softer foams for better traction.

The new tires are successfully tested at three competitive races in Thonon-les-Bains and Reignac, France and in Bankya, Bulgaria.

Now along with our famous compound that is unrivaled on wet and dry surfaces, the improved Micro Stud V2 will lead you at the toughest tracks.

(The new modification is a running change to the current lightweight tires. The tires that are purchased starting from May 2016 are the modified ones.)

The Order Codes:
100204R Tyre 180 mm Micro Stud V2 Blue Soft Lightweight
100205R Tyre 180 mm Micro Stud V2 Blue Medium Lightweight

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