Alloy Rose Joints Available
Alloy Rose Joints

The new alloy rose joint tuning parts are CNC Machined and hard anodized from 7075 billet alloy. They are offered with replaceable machined composite inserts and alloy locking nuts. The inserts can be easily removed and replaced if worn. To ease the replacement operation we designed a unique jig that can be ordered separately as well as the inserts.
The rose joints and locking nuts are custom produces as M8 left and right thread. The balls are available both 4mm and 5mm holes for diverse implementation. The width of the ball is 15mm.

The order codes:
340102A - Alloy M8 Upper Wishbone Rose Joint L/R Thread
340102X - F/R Upper Ball Linkage Complete Assembly - Alloy 
341001S - Alloy Rose Joint Ball and Composite Inserts
900901A - Alloy Rose Joint Jig


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