Xr5 Rally Released
The new Rally Car Xr5

We proudly reveal the Xr5 Rally, built on the new proven 5 series MCD 4WD chassis. The Xr5 carries the same finest accessories & parts with the super-sport XS-5 such as the rear diffuser, front bumper and the side guards. In addition to those parts the Xr5 has a unique rear wing, top air intake, side mirros, top antennas and a super rigid roll-cage designed particularly for the Xr5 body which increases the robustness of the car.

The XS-5 owners will be able to easily convert their XS-5 to a Xr5 with a conversion kit.

The new Xr5 Rally will be available in FT(Factory Team) and Competition versions.

Xr5 Rally Order Codes:

Xr5 Rally Competition Rolling Chassis:   00522001
Xr5 Rally Factory Team Spec:                 00523001

Please note that the decals on photos are prototype and may be subject to minor changes.

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