W5 Conversion Kit
RR5 to W5 Conversion Kit

The new W5 conversion kits are available. You can convert your RR5 and your on-road XS5 to W5. The kits include FT Spec shocks and towers.

Included items in the pack are:
The W5 Body, W5 Decals, FT Spec 7075 alloy anodized shock towers, FT Spec coil-over composite shock absorbers with High Pressurized Cell System, the 190 mm Xross-Max Bite W5 tires, side guards,  fully composite body accessories, W5 rear and front bumper and the W5 roll cage.

The Order Codes:
925301X  RR5 to W5 FT Spec Conversion Kit 
925401X  XS5 to W5 FT Spec Conversion Kit

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