Alloy Tuning Parts Ready!
CNC Machined Alloy Parts

 After long hours of engineering and optimization period new genuine MCD Racing Aluminum Parts are ready to be shipped. We developed the new anodized alloy tuning parts for the MCD Racing enthusiasts who have been demanding for a long time. All parts have been tested during the European Championship 2014 on many team drivers cars and have showed very good qualities on extreme conditions. The parts are CNC machined from high quality 7075 billet-alloy.

Please note that all parts are also XS-5 compatible.


Order Codes for the Alloy Parts:

300105X  Rear Wishbone Alloy Set
300106X  Front Wishbone Alloy Set
300107X  F/R Wishbone Alloy Set Complete

301204X  Rod-end Lightweight Turnbuckle Set Alloy

320302A  Rear Shock Body Alloy
320402A  Front Shock Body Alloy

320104X F/R Shock Absorber Ass'y Alloy Set
320103X Front Shock Absorber Ass'y Alloy Set
320202X Rear Shock Absorber Ass'y Alloy Set

415502A  Clutch Bell Carrier Alloy
415802A  Clutch Bell Carrier/Brake Plate Stiffener Alloy

725302A  Carburetor / Air Filter Venturi Alloy

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