New Micro Stud V2 Tires
Single-side tread pattern

 Version 2 of The EU Championship proven MCD Micro-Stud Tires are now available. After extensive period of development the tires are optimized for ultimate off-road racing. The tires are suitable for a wide range of conditions such as hard&dry, dusty and wet clay surfaces. Some of the new features are the enlarged pins that help extending the lifespan and increases traction, stopping power and cornering abilities. Another additional feature is the new single-side tread patterns that add consistent traction in the corners. Due to single sided design the pattern can be mounted facing both in and out.
  The new tire comes with 2 different hardness to choose from to suit different types of track.

 The order codes for Micro-Stud V2 180mm tires :
Tyre 180 mm Micro Stud V2 Blue Compound Soft:  100202R
Tyre 180 mm Micro Stud V2 Blue Compound Medium: 100203R

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