RR5 Preserved the Tradition
The Winners

 An outstanding performance from RR5 directly from the beginning. At its first official race the European Championship held in Alcarras, Spain, the RR5 sealed the first two positions and maintained the Race Runner tradition of winning. 6 out of 10 cars in the final were MCD Race Runners.
 2013 4WD European Champions victory went to Alexander Schmitt who got the lead at the end of the first lap and finished comfortably. Marc Kreisig kept his impressive performance in qualifying and ended the race in the second position. MCD drivers remarked that RR5 did great despite the extremely hot weather the car kept running without any problems. Even though the track seemed flat and easy at first days, the track got rougher and harder towards the finals, however the RR5's handling superiority showed up and provided a huge advantage for the MCD drivers.
The Final Results:
1-  Alexander Schmitt - MCD RR5
2- Marc Kreisig - MCD RR5
3- Kristiaan La Gasse - Elcon Impact
4- Pekka Heikkila - MCD RR5
5- Alain Sarafyan - MCD RR5
6- Jouni Hiltunen - MCD RRV4
7- Michel van de Ven - Elcon Impact
8- Dario Veseli - FG
9- Dirk Kellermann - MCD RR5
10- Petr Hartman – Elcon Impact

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