The new MCD RR V4 to be unveiled in Nurnberg
The new MCD RR V4

Our new Race Runner V4 will be presented in the International 
Toyfair in Nurnberg between the 04th and 09th of February 2010.
The Race Runner has been MCD's flagship model since 2004, now 
with over 50 new parts designed with the know-how gathered during the 
races, the new RR V4 is more than a cosmetic revamp of the successor. 
Improved handling, performance and durability are a few amongst the 
technical improvements to our successful existing model.

Some of the newly designed parts are:
. Lower and upper Wishbones
. Front and rear Towers
. Radio box
. Adjustable Wing 
. Lightened and strenghtened Side Guards
. Engine Carrier Plate
. Servo Tray
. Upper Steering Servo Brace
. Fuel Tank - Tower Brace
. Fuel Tank
. Improved Chassis
. Hubs
. 180 mm Race Proven Patented Compund Tyres
. RR V4 Body

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