MCD gets the first two again
The Podium

The third race of the German Championship was held in Leinfelden, Echterdingen on July 2nd. The track was wet on Saturday morning during training laps, due to the rain the night before. The qualifications and the final on Sunday was under 20 degrees C, on dry track with a partially cloudy weather.

During the qualifications and semi-final, MCD Team Driver Dario Vita made a good start and got the best laps. Unluckily during the final, he was unable to hold on due to a broken suspension.  Following Vita, MCD Team Driver Marc Kreisig set a promising performance all weekend. For the first twenty laps, Kreisig fought tooth and nail with Vita and MCD Team Driver Ertugrul Tiryaki, until Tiryaki had an accident in the 6th lap and had to stop to repair. Eventually Kreisig won the fight and comfortably led the race until the end. The real battle was for the second place between FG Driver Flavio Budulig and MCD Team Driver Ozgur Derin. After chasing each other for many laps, Derin got the second place by a few seconds, just in front of Budulig. The race was very entertaining for everyone, while bringing MCD the top two trophies again.


The Final Results:
1) Marc Kreisig
2) Ozgur Derin
3) Flavio Budulig
4) Matthias Sommerfeld
5) Ertugrul Tiryaki
6) Rainer Jooß
7) Yaman Dervis
8) Dario Vita

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