HYDRAX Disc Brakes Available

After a meticulous development period the anticipated hydraulic disc brakes are now available. Hydrax was tested on all types of race conditions on both off-road and on-road cars to reach its final state. The vented disc design reduces weight and prevents excessive heating which results in consistent braking performance. Hydrax offers precise remote front-rear brake bias control.

-Hydrax comes filled with hydraulic mineral oil.
-Hydrax can be installed on both off-road and on-road versions.
-4 channel radio is required to operate the Hydrax.
-New servo tray 930301X is required to install the Hydrax.

Order Codes:
262501X Hydrax Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front Set
262601X Hydrax Hydraulic Disc Brakes Rear Set
930301X Radio/servo Tray 2019 Upgrade

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