The Finnish Nationals
The MCD Drivers

Race Report by Jouni Hiltunen;

First race of Finnish Nationals was held in Estonia. Two day event had 5 different classes, Short course, 2wd, 4wd, Beetle cup and open class.
In 4wd class Jouni Hiltunen took the TQ with MCD Ultimate, second was Esa Myllymaa and third Pekko Iivonen with MCD Ultimate.
In the 4wd final Pekko took the lead after couple of corners and drive to victory quite easily. Jouni had some crashes in first lap but took the second place after 8minutes and took second place. Esa and Peeter had hard fight for third place and finally Esa got the third place. 4wd final had 8 cars and 6 was MCD

1. Pekko Iivonen MCD
2. Jouni Hiltunen MCD
3. Esa Myllymaa
4. Peeter Saal MCD
5. Esa Lehtimäki
6. Vesa sarja MCD
7. Marko Leino MCD
8. Samu Paavolainen MCD

In Short course class, the winner was Markku leskinen with MCD

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