Podium Domination in the EC 2017
Team MCD

Another remarkable victory from MCD drivers and mechanics at the European Championship in Nene Valley, UK. We managed to grab the first 3 positions in the Large Scale Off-Road 4WD category.
The championship took place between the 24th to the 29th of July with 51 participants in 4WD category. During the week more than 60% the race track was in wet condition. Our cars performed very well from the first days. In 4WD category our drivers Dario Veseli, Sven Rodewald and Stu Wood finished in the first 3 positions. Dario Veseli and his father mechanic manager Mario Veseli proved their racing capabilities and consistency by wining the title 2 times consecutively. Sven Rodewald the winner of the short course 2016 showed a consistent run and managed to finish second only 2 seconds behind the winner.
Special mentions to 14 year old driver Pekko Iivonen and Valentin Peuzat, both performed exceptionally well during the championship. Pekko Iivonen found the best set-up possible and he was the fastest on track during the week. Unfortunately in the main final he ran out of fuel and couldn’t get on the podium. Also Valentin Peuzat had a great performance and he carried his pace over to the main final. Valentin also unluckily ran out of fuel on the last minute where he was on the 3rd position and fighting for the 2nd with less than a second difference.

In the Short Course Category we had 4 cars in the main final one of which could make it to the podium. Marc Kresig had a very good race pushing for the first position until the last minutes of the race. He dropped to the 3rd position due to a mistake while forcing to get the lead.

The MCD Tires:
In all categories MCD Tires were used. Around 80% of the drivers preferred MCD Astro-Max tires. They used medium compound on dry and hard compound on wet surface.

New Adjustable Shocks & Caster Blocks:
The championship was a great opportunity for us to test the new adjustable shocks and adjustable caster blocks. Four of our drivers tested them during the week and made it to the podium. The new shocks and caster blocks showed great performance. The new parts will be released soon.

We would like to thank to all MCD drivers and supporters and wish to meet again next year at the European Championship.

EFRA 4WD Final Results:
1-Dario Veseli – MCD RR5 Ultimate
2-Sven Rodewald – MCD RR5 Ultimate
3-Stu Wood – MCD RR5 Ultimate
4-Patrick Schweinzer - Elcon
5-J Sartel – Losi
6-Tim Vander Elst - Ultron
7-Dirk Kellermann – MCD RR5 Ultimate
8-Pekko Iivonen – MCD RR5 Ultimate
9-Valentin Peuziat – MCD RR5 Ultimate
10-Jouni Hiltunen – MCD RR5 Ultimate

EFRA 4WD Short Course Final Results:
1-Mathew Perry - Losi
2-Tommy Chung - Losi
3-Marc Kreisig – MCD W5 Max
4-David Parish - Losi
5-Sivil Sabinov Antimov – MCD W5 Max
6-Tobias Westhoff - Losi
7-Lee Chapman - Losi
8-Gertjan van Medevoort - Losi
9-Petrov Damyan - MCD W5 Max
10-Matthew Stokes - MCD W5 Max

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