Focused on Racers Needs

DUOX is an outcome of our passion to take on a new innovation challenge to create the ultimate 2WD large scale touring race car in the field. While developing the DUOX our main focus was to never compromise on racing capabilities. We wanted you to have the most reliable driving and maintenance experience possible.

Order codes: 00621000 : Duox Rolling Chassis w/o Diff.
Recommended Retail Price:2,799 EUR
00621001: Duox Rolling Chassis Including Hydraulic Diff & Airbox
Recommended Retail Price:3,249 EUR

Focused on Racers Needs

The DUOX comes with exceptional features to the 2WD field that further support its driver.

● HYDRODIFF, MCD hydraulic diff. (not included in 00621000)
● Easy maintenance
● Lower wishbone thrust bearing ball joint
● Shocks with Constant Pressure Cell
● Double deck rigid chassis set-up option
● Wide range of chassis flexibility set-up options
● Brake disc protector (not included in 00621000)
● Wide range of roll center adjustment ability
● Easy and rapid adjustable anti-roll bar with blades
● 2° anti-dive (optional 0° anti-dive bracket)
● 2° anti-squat (optional 0° anti-squat bracket)
● Active caster adjustment inserts
● King pin adjustment
● One size weight balance
● Advanced all around compatibility
● Toe in adjustment

Length : 780 mm
Width : 392 mm (adjustable)
Ground Clearance : Adjustable
Weight : 9.8 kg (depending on equipment installed)
Wheelbase : 535 mm
Track Width : 330mm
Chassis material : 7075 Anodized T6 Alloy (7.8mm)
Suspension : Non-parallel non-line independent
Caster angle : 4°(4° - 15° adjustable)
Camber angle : Adjustable
Toe angle : 1°, 1.5°, 2°, 2.5°,3° (adjustable)
Rear Anti-Squat : 2°(optional 0° bracket)
Front Anti-Dive : 2°(optional 0° bracket)
Kingpin : Adjustable
Shock absorber : Coil-over Oil-filled Internal High Pressure Cell
Transmission : Rear wheel drive
Gear ratio : 5.49:1 (5 available 5.05:1 to 5.99:1)

Some parts (engine, radio gear, tires, tune pipe, servos, batteries) shown on the pictures are for photographing purposes only and not included in the car.
The company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change and modify some properties of products without notification.
Required for operation (not included): Engine, differential, tune pipe, radio, steering servo and throttle/brake servos, tires, body shell.