The New 2WD Racing Machine: DUOX!

Our heritage that served you to fulfill your passion on 4WD are now transferred to a new category. We proudly reveal our brand new 2WD Touring Car: DUOX.

Focused on Racers Needs

DUOX is an outcome of our passion to take on a new innovation challenge to create the ultimate 2WD large scale touring race car in the field. While developing the DUOX our main focus was to never compromise on racing capabilities. We wanted you to have the most reliable driving and maintenance experience possible. 

Racer Centred Features

DUOX is a result of a 3 year intense development period. Massive care was put into maintaining the core character of our philosophy: “racer centered design” while maximising the racing characteristics. In every detail we focused on reliability and maintenance. The DUOX comes with exceptional features unique to the 2WD field that further support its driver. Please follow us for more information about the DUOX.


The DUOX is on the test stage by our team drivers for the final improvements. We are planning to release the DUOX in the first quarter of 2021.

Please click to watch the DUOX Test Drive Video


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