160mm Astro Max Tires are Available
New Astro Max Tyres

Our new Astro Max Tyres are designed for both rally cars and buggies to be driven on astroturf surfaces. You can use the Astro Max Tyres also on buggies with a longer gear ratio due to 160mm tire diameter. Compared to our existing Dirt-Xross which is 180mm the new tires offer low center of gravity which can eliminate traction roll in some circumstances.
When compared to our on-road asphalt tyre the new tyres have the same 160mm diameter however the outer sidewall thickness on the Rally-Xross is greater because of the reduced wheel diameter. By increasing the sidewall thickness we maintain more resisting power.

The new tyres are available in two compounds: medium and soft.
Order Codes:
100262X Tyre 160 mm Astro-Max White Medium + Wheel
100263X Tyre 160 mm Astro-Max White Hard + Wheel

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